Turf Suppliers Noosa

Looking for a turf supplier in Noosa and surrounding areas? myhomeTURF has a wide network of turf suppliers who will deliver direct to your door on the Sunshine Coast. Many also offer additional services such as preparation, delivery and installation.

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Best turf types for the Noosa climate

Varieties available for Noosa

Any lawn variety you choose for Noosa must be able to cope with sub-tropical conditions. The Sunshine Coast boasts one of the highest sunshine readings in the entire world, with temperature fluctuations mild and comfortable for most of the year. 

There are many great varieties of turf that suit Noosa and surrounding regions.

Zoysia turf types such as Empire Zoysia™Nara Native Zoysia™ and Augusta Zoysia® Lawn are perfect for tropical, sub-tropical and dry climates. They are slower growing varieties which means less maintenance, fertiliser and mowing for you!

If you’re looking for a Buffalo Grass – Prestige® BuffaloSapphire® Buffalo or Palmetto® Buffalo grow well in both summer and winter and are adept at handling the Sunshine Coast’s climatic conditions.

Couch grasses such as OZTUFF Couch and Stadium Sports Couch also perform well in warmer climates with dry or humid heat, without the major thatching issues that typically occur.