Couch Turf

Couch Turf


  • High drought tolerance
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Fine leaf that is soft to touch
  • Dark green colour
  • High salt tolerance
  • Low maintenance

couch grass in park.Couch grass is now arguably one of the most popular lawns in Australia and well-known by most homeowners for being a highly attractive ornamental variety. Couch breeds like OZTUFF®Couch & Stadium Sports Couch offer homeowners a hard-wearing and tough lawn that is ideal for coastal areas and poolside due to its high salt-tolerance.

Previously Couch grass had a reputation for being a weed but through extensive breeding, this lawn has many key benefits to offer.

Couch is a warm-season grass that is now known for its drought and wear tolerance, softness underfoot, greener colour and water efficiency. 

Couch turf with soccer ball on sports-fieldWith a fine leaf blade that produces dense growth, Couch grass is ideal for a wide variety of uses and copes well with high wear situations such as backyards and sporting fields.

One of Couch grass’ most favoured features is its natural dark green colour and ability to maintain good colour even in poorer quality soils compared to all other turf varieties.

The shade tolerance of Couch lawn is about 10%, which is similar to Kikuyu grasses.

However, Couch lawn thrives and stays alive for longer than other turf varieties in hot, dry conditions.

Drought Tolerance

Couch turf laid on football fieldThe robust deep-rooted system of Couch grass gives it an advantage over other varieties during drought and stressful conditions.

Once Couch lawn has dried-off due to lack of water, it is one of the first turf varieties to easily recover.

The variety’s high drought tolerance makes it an ideal choice for areas where water restrictions are commonly imposed.

Wear Tolerance

The ability of Couch grass to develop a moderate thatch layer provides greater wearability and recovery.

Couch grasses extensive deep root system aids in its wear tolerance making it an ideal option for homeowners with kids and pets.

Fine Leaf

close up shot of couch variety in the sunCouch grasses today have a finer leaf blade than most other turf varieties making it soft to touch and dense underfoot.

The finer leaf of Couch lawn also means there is less water evaporation – another reason it is ideal for hot, dry conditions.


Dark Green Colour

Couch grass dark green colour has seen it stand out compared to other lawn varieties and maintains its colour for longer.

This dark green colour is also maintained even when Couch grass is planted in poor quality soils.

Couch grass is also able to maintain the dark green colour in soils where nutrition is considered inadequate for other lawn varieties.

Salt Tolerance

Couch grasses have the highest salt tolerance compared to most other lawn varieties making it ideal for coastal areas and pool sides.

Salty soils can prevent lawns from absorbing both water and nutrients however, Couch grass has the ability to cope with low water and nutrients giving it a high salt tolerance.


myhomeTURF has two top Couch grasses that would suit any homeowner:

Oz Tuff

Oztuff Australian Couch TurfOZTUFF®Couch – Toughest yet. Nothing outwears Oz Tuff.  This home-bred Couch grass is true to its name and one of the toughest lawns on the market. Its robust deep-rooted system makes it more drought-resistant and wear tolerant than other grasses. OZTUFF Couch is also soft to touch thanks to its fine leaf texture.

Where it grows:  OZTUFF Couch is well-suited in Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and Victoria. Your local grower suppliers can easily be found with our online supplier locator tool.

Expect to pay: Between $8 and $10 per square metre. To get more OzTuff pricing info, visit our OzTuff information page and get 3 quotes from your local growers today.

Stadium Sports Couch

Stadium Sports Couch

Stadium Sports Couch Life is short, play on Stadium. This Couch grass while know for being a great sport’s Couch variety is ideal for homeowners who need a hard-wearing lawn.

Stadium Sports Couch’s also stays naturally green for longer with low maintenance and fertiliser application. The variety also thrives in warm, humid conditions.


Where it grows: Stadium Sports Couch grows well in Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and Victoria. Your local Grower suppliers can easily be found with our online supplier locator tool.

Expect to pay: Between $8 and $10 per square metre. To get more Stadium Couch pricing info, visit our Stadium® Sports Couch info page and get 3 quotes from your local growers today.

Best Planting Time

Couch grass can be planted at any time of the year but establishes quicker during spring when the growing season is rife.


As Couch grass has seed heads that are usually only produced during the establishment period or when under stress, the seed is not viable, meaning it will not reproduce in your neighbour’s yard.

The unviable seed head of Couch grass, outside of its establishment period, also results in less mowing and edging.


Much of the Couch lawn’s growing energy is directed laterally therefore, the lack of upright growth coupled with its fine leaf structure, significantly reduces mowing frequency.

During summer and spring: Mow Couch grass twice a month at a height of about 18mm-25mm.

During winter and autumn: Mow Couch grass once a month (sometimes less) at a height of 25mm-30mm (5mm – 10mm higher in shaded areas).

Watering your new lawn

Newly laid Couch grass requires a deep watering at least once a week.

Once the deep-rooted system of your Couch grass has been established, you can water thoroughly only when needed (for example, when slight wilting is visible).

If you want to learn more about watering, make sure to read out guide to watering a new lawn.

Watering an Established lawn

Once your Couch grass is established during summer water every 7 – 10 days (on sandy soils more often) and with much less water in cooler months.

If water restrictions are enforced and your Couch grass browns off slightly, it will green up quickly when you can water again, or if it rains.

Watering your Couch during winter will also improve winter colour.


Couch grass requires much less fertiliser to maintain its green – so don’t overfeed instead save.

During the warmer growing season, you only need to fertilise your Couch grass every 10-12 days.

Weed Control

The dense growth characteristics of Couch grass act like a mulch, therefore inhibiting weeds from growing.

Couch lawn is also very tolerant to herbicides but check the label before application or consult your Local Garden Centre.




Lawn pests that may be found in Couch grass include Lawn Grub (for example, Web Worm or Army Worm) and the African Black Beetle.

However common turf pests (such as Couch Mite and Lawn Grub) and diseases are less active within OZTUFF Couch.

If lawn pests are found in your Couch grass then apply a suitable pesticide according to the label’s directions. Consult your Local Garden Centre if you require further advice.


Dollar Spot is one fungal disease which can affect different Couch grasses.

Dollar Spot can develop rapidly in humid weather so is more prevalent in northern New South Wales and Queensland from November to March.

The best way to control Dollar Spot in Couch grass is to aerate and/or dethatch your lawn to prevent humid conditions from prevailing.

If this method does not work then use a recommended fungicide on your Couch grass – always ask your Local Garden Centre for advice.



  • What is the best Couch grass? Two of the best Couch grasses on the market are OZTUFF Couch and Stadium Sports Couch.
  • Is Couch grass native to Australia? Not all Couch grasses are native to Australia, however, OZTUFF Couch is home-bred.
  • How often should you water Couch grass? During summer water your Couch grass every 7-10 days and much less during cooler months.
  • How short should you mow Couch grass? Couch grass can be mown twice a month during summer and spring to a height of about 18mm-25mm. During winter and autumn Couch grass can be mown once a month (sometimes less) to a height of 25mm-30mm (5mm – 10mm higher in shaded areas).
  • How deep do Couch grass roots go? Couch grass has a very deep-rooted system which gives it high drought and wear tolerance.
  • Does Couch grass have runners? Couch grass does have runners but one variety that has more of an upright growth is OZTUFF Couch.
  • Does Couch grass grow in winter? Couch grass grows slower in winter, like any lawn, but can maintain a strong green colour for longer compared to many other varieties.
  • Will Kikuyu take over my Couch grass? Kikuyu grass is more aggressive in nature than Couch grass so would take over your Couch lawn.
  • Where does Couch grass come from? Reputable Couch grass varieties, such as Stadium Sports Couch and OZTUFF Couch, have been bred by turf breeders either in Australian or overseas.

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