Empire™ Zoysia – Stunning to look at and easy to keep

Empire™ Zoysia – Stunning to look at and easy to keep

Empire Zoysia™ Turf is an eye-catching dark green colour that provides excellent wear recovery, is a leading contender for regions with water restrictions and has less maintenance. When choosing a back or front lawn, Empire Zoysia Turf’s characteristics of fine-medium, soft leaf blades, less watering and mowing make it an ideal choice above other grass varieties such as Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo.

Known as the “E.Z. grass” (the Easy Grass), Empire Turf has an established reputation and superior qualities that makes it a stand-out as one of the leading Zoysia’s in the competitive turf market. Empire Zoysia is a grass with natural characteristics that allow it to handle Australia’s hot, dry climate.

Empire Zoysia Features

  • Very high drought tolerance
  • Very low maintenance - less mowing, fertiliser and water
  • High wear tolerance
  • High salt tolerance
  • Eye-catching dark green colour
  • Fine-medium leaf that is soft to touch and underfoot
  • Produces low seed head (common irritant to people with allergies)

Shade tolerance

In low wear areas, Empire Zoysia will tolerate up to 50% shade, while in moderate to high wear areas it can tolerate up to 30% shade.

Drought tolerance

With water restrictions a threat throughout Australia, Empire Zoysia is a grass that is water efficient and has very high drought tolerance making it an ideal choice for areas with low rainfall or council water restrictions.

During summer, infrequent deep watering of your Empire turf promotes a healthy lawn and a strong deep-rooted system. Watering time is best in the early morning.

Very low maintenance

Freshly Layed Empire Zoysia turf Grass in Backyard of Residential Home

After being left for 20 weeks without mowing, Empire Zoysia Turf only grew to 116.95mm compared to Kikuyu which grew to 413.15mm and Couch 205mm.

Empire Turf also requires less edging than Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo grasses. Unlike other grass such as Kikuyu and Couch, Empire Zoysia will not creep into your garden beds.

The low maintenance (less fertiliser), hard-wearing variety makes Empire Turf a popular preferred choice for new, renovating or established family lawn owners.

Suits all Australian backyards

Family Celebrating Birthday Party on Lush Green Zoysia Turf

Empire Zoysia suit’s all Aussie backyards!

And it doesn’t matter what size yard you have, Empire Turf’s fine-medium, tight leaf blade is well proportioned to suit smaller-sized yards or large ones!

Matching all Australian conditions, Empire Zoysia is a warm season grass which is well-suited from Darwin to Tasmania and across from Sydney to Perth.


Hard wearing

Girl Lying on Top of Soft Empire Zoysia Lawn

Behind Empire Zoysia’s performance is its deep rooted and underground runner system that allows it to endure extreme climatic conditions.

The very best soils for Empire Turf are loams, sandy loams, and loamy sands however it can be grown in all soil types.

For a faster-growing lawn or to increase wear tolerance simply fertilise your Empire Zoysia lawn more frequently.

For homeowners with pets and children, Empire Zoysia provides wear tolerance, endures moderate shade and out-competes pesky weeds.

Best planting time

When installing Empire Zoysia, it is best when the weather is not too cold. However, Empire turf can be laid anytime of the year in Brisbane and north Queensland.

Close up Shot of Empire Zoysia Turf in the SunlightAvoid laying Empire in the following months in certain regions:

  • ACT: From March 15 – September 15. (including similar climates such as Bathurst, Armidale and Ballarat)
  • Victoria, SA, WA: From April 25 – August 25.
  • Sydney: From May 15 – August 15.

If planted in warmer weather, Empire Turf will establish relatively quickly.

In early spring or autumn Empire Zoysia may take a week longer than other types to establish, but what’s a week compared to a lifetime of low maintenance!

Empire during winter

Empire Turf is a warm season turfgrass variety meaning it will go into dormancy when the weather turns colder in autumn and winter. The duration will depend on several factors like your location and rainfall amounts.

However when fertilised well in autumn and winter and short mown, Empire Turf has a much better winter colour.

Empire Zoysia Lawn Care


Lawn Mower

Empire turf can be mown long or short depending on the desired finish you want.

If you want a green manicured bowling green, regular short mowing will be the best approach. A general lawn usual can cope with fortnightly spring and summer mowing unless it is highly fertilised.

If you highly fertiliser your Empire Turf, then mowing each 10-days is recommended for a neat long bowling green appearance.

With no spring to summer fertilising, Empire Turf can usually be mown every 3 to 4 weeks and mow to a height of between 35 to 45mm to prevent scalping.

Watering your lawn

Newly laid Empire Zoysia does need watering but once it has established, because of its deep root system, it can survive on rainwater. 

For new Empire, water thoroughly for 7-10 days or until the turf is established – make sure the water is saturating the soil beneath the lawn.

Watering your Empire turf in a dry winter can improve its winter colour –  if the ground is very dry, frosts have a habit of burning the lawn more.

Watering your Empire Zoysia after fertilising helps activate the slow release fertiliser.

In warmer months water your Empire turf when the leaf starts to dry out, if you get onto it quickly the leaf will not shrivel up.

Infrequent and deep watering is preferably for your lawn because the roots of Empire turf will only grow as deeply as its most frequently available water supply.

If you live in an area where there are water restrictions do not panic – if the lawn is at least one year old due to its deep rhizomes a mature Empire lawn can withstand long periods of drought without dying.

The Empire turf will brown off during dry spells but goes dormant and when it rains again or is watered it will generally re shoot well and green-up.

If you live in a desert region or places like Perth with little summer rain, some top-up watering is required to keep Empire turf alive.


Fertilizer Being Applied to Lawn

A great saving with Empire Turf is the fact it needs less fertiliser than all other types of grasses, the recommendation for a summer/autumn blend with a slow release fertiliser.

If you want your Empire Zoysia to retain a good winter colour, then fertilise well in autumn and winter and have it shortly mown – the results will make the neighbours very envious.

If your Empire turf is going to get a lot of wear and tear then remember to fertilise in autumn, winter and spring to maintain a lush dark green looking lawn.

Weed Control

Controlling weeds in Empire Turf is much easier than in Kikuyu, Buffalo and even Couch.

A healthy dense Empire Turf is strong at resisting weed types. If a few weeds invade then hand weeding is easily done.

If you find a dense lot of weeds in your Empire Zoysia then the turf is capable of tolerating most chemical herbicides. Also remember to first check labels to ensure the chemicals are suitable for Empire Zoysia.

Pests and Diseases

Empire Turf is less susceptible to lawn grub than most lawns attack however damage can occasionally occur.

Generally, lawn grubs prefer Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu to Zoysia grasses, as Zoysia has a biology that is far less attractive.

Empire Turf also maintains a resistance to any fungus or diseases, that affect other grasses, on the east coast of Australia.

Where to Find an Empire Zoysia Supplier?

Empire Zoysia Turf in Tropical Back Yard

So, you’ve decided you want to lay a new Empire Zoysia lawn in your yard but have no idea where to find a local supplier.

Empire Zoysia can be grown in Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Your local Empire Grower suppliers can easily be found with our online supplier locator tool.

Empire Zoysia Pricing

Empire Zoysia is one of the most affordable high-quality lawns on the market.

Retailing between $13 and $22 per square metre. To get more Empire Zoysia pricing info, visit our Empire Zoysia info page and get 3 quotes from your local Empire growers today.

Find a Supplier

myhomeTURF’s Certificate of Authenticity provides you with the confidence and satisfaction that you have bought the genuine variety from our licenced farmers. Don’t forget to ask for your own certificate when you have purchased your new law – and enjoy!

Empire Zoysia Fast Facts

Family Celebrating Birthday Party on Lush Green Zoysia TurfMaintenance: Empire Zoysia requires less mowing than many other commercial turf varieties in Australia such as Kikuyu, Couch and Buffalo.

Water efficiency:  Empire Zoysia requires less water than Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu and therefore is extremely suitable to be left unattended (for example, housing developments and road pathways). Thrives in heat and humidity. 

Colour:  Empire Zoysia is an attractive dark green colour making it a popular choice as a home lawn.

Soil erosion:  Empire Zoysia is an outstanding turf variety for erosion prevention and control.

Shade tolerance:  Empire Zoysia is a good choice for shady areas due to its overall outstanding qualities. Its durability allows Empire Zoysia to grow in full sun with up to 30% to 50% shade.

Salt tolerance:  Empire Zoysia has a high salt tolerance so ideal for coastal estates and beach-centric commercial works.

Weed resistance: Once Empire Zoysia’s root structure is established it is a vigorous variety with a thick sward that outcompetes weeds. 

Great for slopes: Empire Zoysia is the best grass for strengthening soil which means it’s a safer choice for steep slopes and retaining wall areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Empire Zoysia look like? – Empire Zoysia is an eye-catching dark green colour with a soft fine-medium leaf blade.
  • What type of grass is Empire Zoysia? -Empire Grass belongs to the Zoysia grasses.
  • Can you plant Zoysia grass in the winter? –Yes, you can plant Empire grass during the winter in Queensland it is best to wait until Spring if you live in other states.
  • Is Empire Zoysia a warm season grass? – Empire Turf is a warm season grass.
  • Is Empire Zoysia grass pet friendly? – Empire Zoysia’s deep rooted system means it has a strong wear tolerance and copes with children and pets.
  • Does Empire Zoysia grass grow in shade? – Empire Zoysia has medium tolerance to shade and its durability allows Empire Turf to grow in full sun and up to 30% to 50% shade.
  • How fast does Empire Zoysia spread? – Empire Zoysia grows at a slower rate compared to other grasses which means less maintenance and mowing.
  • Is Empire Zoysia grass hard to grow?Once established, Empire Zoysia with watering and fertiliser is a durable grass.


Recommended Products

Bow and Arrow 500mL

Bow and Arrow 500mL is one of the most effective broad leaf liquid herbicides on the market. Suitable for Zoysia, Kikuyu, Couch and Buffalo grasses however transient discolouration may occur on Kikuyu, Carpet and Queensland Blue Couch lawns. Always read the safety directions and instructions on the product label before use.



myhomeTURF recommends OxaFert, which is a combination product containing both fertiliser and pre-emergent herbicide. Always read the safety directions and instructions on the product label before use.


LawnPride Maintain 26-2-9 + 3.4 Fe 20kg

Lawn Pride Maintain 26-2-9 + 3.4 Fe 20kg is one of the most popular granular all-round lawn fertilisers on the market with the active ingredients of Nitrogen (N – 26), Phosphorus (P – 2), Potassium(K – 9) and Iron (Fe – 3.4). Suitable for ZoysiaKikuyuCouch and Buffalo grasses. Always read the safety directions and instructions on the product label before use.


Acelepryn GR 10kg

Acelepryn GR 10kg Bag provides unmatched granular seasonal control against seasonal Long Grub and Caterpillar control in one single application. Suitable for ZoysiaKikuyuCouch and Buffalo grasses. Always read the safety directions and instructions on the product label before use.


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