OZTUFF®- Toughest yet. Nothing out wears OZTUFF

OZTUFF®- Toughest yet. Nothing out wears OZTUFF


  • Very durable and robust
  • Low maintenance
  • High drought tolerance
  • High tolerance to salt
  • Year-round dark green colour
  • Soft to the touch and underfoot

OZTUFF Couch is a home-bred grass well able to cope with Australia’s harsh conditions.

Aiding OZTUFF Couch’s strength is its robust deep-rooted system making it more drought resistant and wear tolerant than other grasses.

OZTUFF Couch is a fine leaf textured, low maintenance grass requiring minimum input and low fertiliser and water requirements year-round.

Despite its toughness, OZTUFF Couch boasts an eye-catching deep green colour even when grown in poor quality soils or where nutrition is low.

OZTUFF also has the highest salt tolerance of any couch variety making it suitable for beachfront properties and pool sides.

High wear tolerance

OZTUFF has been ranked number 1 for wear tolerance following a four-year industry study.

Behind OZTUFF Couch’s strength is its moderate thatch layer which provides high wearability and recovery by protecting the grass runners and stems growth.


Low maintenance

OZTUFF Couch doesn’t need a lot of fertiliser to maintain its deep dark green colour.

Much of OZTUFF’s growing is directed laterally meaning the lack of upright growth and fine leaf structure significantly reduce mowing frequency.

OZTUFF Couch’s has prostrate growth and develops few seed heads again resulting in less mowing and edging.

Due to OZTUFF’s deep rooted system it also has lower water requirements than other couch grasses.

Drought hardy

OZTUFF has very high drought tolerance qualities and not only stays green longer but recovers faster following periods of drought stress.

The deep-rooted system helps to make OZTUFF Couch very water efficient and therefore ideal for areas prone to water restrictions.

High salt tolerance

OZTUFF turf is the best couch grass for salt areas.

It has demonstrated that it can handle saltwater levels 50% of that of sea water.

For OZTUFF Couch, growing close to a beach or on waterfront properties is not a problem.



OZTUFF grass requires less mowing than other Couch varieties due to its horizontal growth habit.

Depending on how manicured you want your lawn to look, mow your OZTUFF Couch every 7 to 10 days in the hot months to a height of between 18mm-25mm.

In the cooler months, mow your OZTUFF Couch

every 3 to 6 weeks to a height of between 25mm-30mm.

If after all the recommended fertilising the lawn still browns off in winter, lightly mow your OZTUFF Couch.


Water thoroughly and regularly after the OZTUFF Couch has been laid to encourage a deep and vigorous root system.

Once the root system is fully established, water OZTUFF Couch thoroughly only when needed (when a slight wilting is visible) – usually every 7-10 days in summer (on sandy soils more often) and with much less water in cooler months.

If water restrictions occur and you can’t water – don’t panic – if your OZTUFF Couch is fully established than it may brown off slightly but will green-up when you can water again, or it rains.

Watering your OZTUFF in a dry winter can improve winter colour.

It is best to water your OZTUFF in the early morning.

Remember, that infrequent deep watering promotes a healthy OZTUFF lawn.

Fertilizer Being Applied to Lawn Fertilising

Fertilise your OZTUFF Couch at the start of spring and again, at the start of autumn with a slow release fertiliser.

Watering after fertilising also helps activate the slow release fertiliser.

As OZTUFF Couch has a low nutritional requirement don’t over feed – instead save!

If you want a quick green-up of your OZTUFF Couch than apply a high nitrogen fertiliser.

In the heat of summer avoid over fertilising your OZTUFF lawn or using manure-based products.


OZTUFF’s dense mat forming nature acts like a mulch inhibiting the establishment of weeds.

OZTUFF Couch is tolerant of all post and pre-emergent herbicides registered for use on green Couch.


Pests and Diseases

OZTUFF Couch’s performance has shown that common grass pests (such as Couch Mite and Lawn Grub) and diseases are less active.

If required, all commonly available insecticides are suitable for use on OZTUFF Couch.

Best planting time

OZTUFF grass can be laid anytime of the year in Brisbane and northern Queensland.  For other areas, OZTUFF Couch prefers to be installed when the weather is not too cold.

Avoid laying in the following months – please note this is only a guide.

  • NSW: From May 15 – August 15


OZTUFF Couch turf can be found in Queensland and New South Wales.

To find suppliers of OZTUFF grass near where you live go to Find a Turf Supplier.

Price wise and for a low maintenance Couch, OZTUFF costs between $8 and $10 per square metre.


Maintenance: OZTUFF has very low to medium maintenance requirements.

Water efficiency: OZTUFF Couch is an efficient water user and highly drought tolerant –ideal for areas of low rainfall or council restrictions.

Wear tolerance: OZTUFF’s deep rooted system means it copes well under tough wearing conditions.

Salt resistant: OZTUFF is the best couch variety for growing within salty conditions.

Low nutritional requirements: OZTUFF’s low nutritional requirements save time and money.

Colour: OZTUFF Couch stays green longer in poorer quality soils or where nutrition is low.

Shade tolerance: OZTUFF has low shade tolerance.

Weed resistance: OZTUFF Couch’s dense ground cover inhibits weeds.

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