Water Schedules for New Buffalo Lawns

Water Schedules for New Buffalo Lawns

If you have purchased new roll-on Buffalo turf freshly harvested from a turf farm, the only thing it won’t have is a root system, which is vital for its survival. But, once the new turf is rolled onto the prepared lawn soil surface it will then grow a new root system in it’s new home. AS LONG AS IT IS KEPT WATERED!

All new lawn types need to be kept moist during their establishment phase to ensure there is adequate water between the turf and the soil. This means a new root system will form and establish the new lawn firmly into the new site.

Buffalo grass types like Prestige, Sapphire & Palmetto generally need a little more attention than most other roll-on lawns. This is for two reasons, the first is because the new turf will have no root system whatsoever. And the second is because the thick matted layer of coarse Buffalo grass stolons are actually spaced very wide apart, which makes evaporation greater than that of a grass type such as Couch or Zoysia.

For these reasons, new Buffalo grass does need to be carefully monitored and watered accordingly during its establishment phase, and may need slightly more water than other grass types.

Watering New Buffalo Lawns Depending on the Season

There is one single important point when watering a new Buffalo lawn – The new lawn must never dry out during establishment.

This is true with all lawn types but even more so with Buffalo grass for the reasons already mentioned. So with this one point in mind, we must simply water the new Buffalo lawn until it becomes established with it’s own root system. At which time it can be watered similarly to other lawn care practices.

So let’s translate this new lawn watering with the Seasons:


New Buffalo lawns planted in summer will require watering several times throughout the day for the first couple of weeks. The cooler the days – the less watering is required. The hotter the days – the more watering is required.

After the first couple of weeks watering can be reduced down to once or twice a day. A couple of weeks after that we can generally go to twice a week.

The homeowner must monitor the lawn at all times during this most crucial time. If at any time the lawn looks like its suffering poor health or drying-out, then the homeowner will need to increase watering times as required.


Once again we must keep the new Buffalo lawn moist during establishment.

In the cooler weather of autumn we can probably get away with watering the new turf a couple of times a day for the first week or two. Then, once every few days after that, and then slowly weaning the lawn down to regular watering patterns shortly thereafter.

And again, the homeowner must monitor the new Buffalo lawn’s health at all times, and increase watering if, at any time, the new turf looks like it’s browning-off or suffering dehydration.


Even in winter, and in warmer climates such as Perth, the new lawn must always be monitored for signs of bad health, and watered as is necessary. Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean new Buffalo lawns won’t dry-out and become damaged very quickly especially during establishment.

Always monitor lawn health, and water whenever is necessary.


Watering new Buffalo lawns in spring is like watering new lawns in autumn, only the reverse. If the lawn was planted in the beginning of spring, then very little extra watering is required. Twice a day to begin, working down to once a day very quickly. Finally decreasing watering more and more over the following couple of months until a regular pattern is established.

If planting the new Buffalo lawn in late spring, then of course the weather will be warmer and more water will be required. Twice to three times a day to begin, quickly working down to twice a day, then once a day, and then more slowly adjusting to regular watering patterns over the following couple of months.

Remember, the weather is getting warmer and warmer as the months of spring progress, with this in mind, extra watering for new turf may last longer than if planted in autumn.

Be aware that as spring progresses we can experience some occasional hotter days, therefore extra watering must be given to the new lawn during the days when temperatures rise.

The Final Return to Rule Number One

When establishing a new Buffalo lawn, no matter what time of year it is, we must always follow Number One Rule!

Every day monitor the new lawn’s health, as well as during the day if possible for the first week or two. Always be ready to apply an extra watering as is required, and at any time the new Buffalo lawn shows sign of stress, wilting or other poor health developing – water.

If any of these signs re-appear, then we should not only give the new lawn another water immediately, but we should adjust our overall watering schedule by watering more often until the new Buffalo lawn is fully established.

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