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myhomeTURF has a local network of growers around Wollongong and the Illawarra region. Providing specialist lawn solutions, fresh-cut grass from the farm and delivered directly to your door. 

Select from one of our local Wollongong turf suppliers for advice, pricing and quotes. Or click on "Get 3 Quotes Now" button and let us choose 3 suppliers to provide you with a quote.

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myhomeTURF helps you choose the right lawn for your home and lifestyle from our extensive network of Wollongong turf growers & suppliers. Instead of doing all the work yourself comparing multiple quotes, we can arrange three competitive quotes from our Wollongong suppliers, ensuring you choose the right turf for the right price.

Best Turf Types for Wollongong

Located on the coast, just an hour’s drive from Sydney, Wollongong has a warm, temperate and coastal climate which means that it does not experience extremes in temperature. This creates ideal conditions for many turf varieties to thrive in: 

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Turf Types like Empire Zoysia™ and Nara Native Zoysia™ are attractive, drought and wear tolerant grasses. They are also ideal for coastal areas due to Zoysia grass having a high salt tolerance.

Buffalo Grass

If you’re looking for a Buffalo Grass – Sapphire® Buffalo and Palmetto® Buffalo have high shade tolerance, low maintenance and hold their winter colour well.

Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu grass such as Kenda® thrive in full sun, making them an ideal fit for Wollongong homes.

Turf Advice

How Much Does Turf Cost Per Square Metre?  

Different turf varieties vary in price and depend on their characteristics. Kenda Kikuyu is generally $7-$15 per square metre and is considered one of the most cost effective turf types. Whereas an all-rounder turf type like Palmetto Buffalo is around $10-$19 per square metre. 

Learn more about how much turf costs here.  

How Do You Prepare Turf for Laying?  

How you prepare turf can differ depending on the season and weather conditions. 

 If you’re laying turf in hot weather, we recommend laying turf immediately after delivery to avoid the turf heating up and drying out overnight. We also recommend laying warm turf first (often slabs in the middle of the pallet are the warmest).  

For those laying turf in winter, be mindful of your climate and frost conditions – these will affect your lawn installation. Ensure your site is weed-free and cut/roll existing grass for removal. You may also want to cover it with coarse sand and a layer of fertiliser or topsoil.  

myhomeTURF’s network of turf suppliers and growers are highly experienced in turf site inspection, site preparation, and installation. We recommend reaching out to one of our professional turf suppliers for assistance when preparing turf for laying.  

How Thick is Turf When You Buy It?  

The thickness of your turf will depend on the season and conditions at the time of harvesting and usually 35-40mm. If you have any queries about turf delivery, please reach out to your local turf supplier for more information.