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Cost of installing a new lawn

Cost of installing a new lawn

Installing a new lawn is far more cost-effective than many other alternatives you may be considering for your front or back yard.

A quality lawn can add to the value of your property – a national survey involving 114 Australian Real Estate agents in 2012 revealed that natural lawn can add 18 per cent (or up to $75,000) to the selling price of homes nationwide.


The cost of turf is based on the final quality product you as the customer receive from our myhomeTURF suppliers.

All turf grown by myhomeTURF suppliers is of the highest standard with a commitment to deliver service and assistance when required. 


Turf is sold by the square metre and can come in rolls or slabs.

Before ordering your turf you will need to work out how many square metres you will need for your yard.

Our article on measuring your lawn will explain how to work out the amount (in square metres) you require whether that be a square, rectangle, circle or triangular shape yard and we also show you how to calculate an irregular shaped yard.

ALWAYS remember to order extra! For simple areas like a rectangle, order 5% extra.

For more complex irregular areas, order 10% extra. This will allow for any slight miscalculations and also the odd roll or slab in poor condition that you sometimes get.

It’s better to have some turf left over than to run out.

Turf pricing

There are many types of turf varieties available therefore, before selecting a variety, it is important to identify which grass is most suitable for your yard.

Before choosing a lawn consider the following characteristics:

  • Shade tolerance – is there a lot of trees, gardens or house eave coverage?
  • Drought tolerance – is the area prone to little rain and drought conditions?
  • Wear tolerance – does your lawn need to cope with the rough and tumble from kids and pets?
  • Soft to touch and underfoot?
  • Do you want a strong green colour that is aesthetically pleasing?
  • Soil type – do you need to first test your soil to see whether it needs more nutrients or topsoil added?

For further information on Choosing the Best Grass Variety for Your Lawn

Once you decide which type of grass may work for you, the price may be a deciding factor.

You may have undertaken a more extensive garden renovation than was planned, or you may prefer a premium lawn. 

Outlined in this table is the Expect to Pay ranges for each myhomeTURF variety.

Keep in mind that prices may vary from supplier to supplier. You can obtain 3 Quotes from your local myhomeTURF supplier today. Just enter your postcode and variety of grass you would like to obtain 3 Quotes for and our growers will get back to you within 3 business days.

Delivery of your Turf

Generally, expect a delivery fee of approximately $90-$150 (depending on location and offloading conditions).  

The truck will deliver direct to your door and unload pallets using a forklift. This process is contact-free.

*Exact costs can be confirmed when completing a myhomeTURF quote request.

Additional Services

Many myhomeTURF suppliers offer additional services these can be

  • Delivery and lay – an approximate cost of a  further $2/m2 for laying services (depending on site).
  • Preparation, delivery and lay (suppliers may need to arrange a site visit to assess)

*Exact costs can be confirmed when completing a myhomeTURF quote request. 

DIY lawn installation

If you are happy to put a bit of hard work into your yard, you can install your instant lawn yourself.

You will save money on labour, and you’ll get the added benefit of exercise and the satisfaction that you DIY.

If you are preparing your yard yourself, first make sure you eliminate all existing weeds, grasses, and rock debris. To avoid drainage issues, ensure the soil gradient slopes away from paths and buildings.

Find out more about DIYing your own lawn here





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