Tips to choosing your lawn leaf

Tips to choosing your lawn leaf

Many homeowners prefer a particular leaf that resonates from childhood or where they have seen turf in different areas such as sports fields or gardens.

Different grass types have different leaf widths, folds, tip shapes and colours which offer different soft to touch underfoot and aesthetic appearances.

Grass types vary in the width of their leaves and whether leaf tips are sharp-pointed, rounded or boat-shaped.

The arrangement of grass leaves in new shoots, called vernation, may be V-shaped and folded or circular and rolled.

Your lawn’s growth habit also provides grass I.D. clues. Some lawn types form clump-like bunches, others spread via above-ground stems known as stolons, or below-ground stems known as rhizomes or both.

But before any decision is made you need to find a lawn that suits your climate within your region and your personal needs.

Look at these lawn characteristics:

  • Shade tolerance – is there a lot of trees, gardens or house eave coverage?
  • Drought tolerance – is the area prone to little rain and drought conditions?
  • Wear tolerance – does your lawn need to cope with the rough and tumble from kids and pets?
  • Soft to touch and underfoot?
  • Do you want a strong green colour that is aesthetically pleasing?
  • Soil type – do you need to first test your soil to see whether it needs more nutrients or topsoil added?

Then based on what characteristics you need and want in a lawn you can choose from a large selection of grasses – Buffalos, Zoysias, Couches and Kikuyu. A lot of your decision comes down to the leaf appearance. 

Broad Leaf

Grasses with a broad leaf have been popular in recent years. They have been bred to be Soft to touch and underfoot.

Typically Leaf Size = 7mm wide and upwards.

Examples of Buffalo Grasses that have a Broad Leaf are Prestige and Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo.

Medium – broad

These grasses are usually in-between Broad and Medium.

Typically Leaf Size = similar to a broad leaf in size but the growth habit of the grass means the broad leaf folds at a 90 degree angle giving the appearance of Medium-broad leaf. 

Buffalo Grass such as Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo.


Once again, these grasses are in-between two categories Fine and Medium.

Typically Leaf Size = ranges from 4mm-7mm 

Zoysia grasses such as Empire and Nara Native are classified as having a Fine-medium leaf. Kenda Kikuyu also has this leaf type.


The Fine leaf classification is the narrowest of all the leaf types. 

Typically Leaf Size = less than 4mm

Grasses such as Augusta Zoysia and the Couch varieties – OZTUFF and Stadium Sports.


This table compares myhomeTURF varieties and clearly shows the type of leaf blade






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