Benefits of Strong Organic Lawn

Benefits of Strong Organic Lawn

When we’re aiming to reduce the environmental impacts of our lawns by using Organic Lawn Care practices, one of the best ways to do this is by stopping the lawn from developing problems in the first place. This means we can altogether eliminate the need for any chemical treatments, or greatly minimise the need for these products.

We can do this by creating a strong healthy lawn which is naturally more resistant to weeds, pests and diseases. And while a strong healthy lawn will never be completely immune to developing problems, it will more easily naturally fight-off many problems without intervention, and often without us even knowing there was a problem to begin with.

If in the worst-case scenario we need to apply treatments to our lawns to cure any problems, a healthy lawn will also be far more immune to adverse effects from treatments such as weed sprays than if the lawn were in poor health.

Choosing Organic Lawn Care does not mean we need to let our lawns fall into poor health from lack of care. In fact, the opposite is the case, a strong healthy lawn should be the aim of everyone wanting to create, and own, an environmentally responsible lawn.

By ensuring our lawns are both strong and healthy year-round, we reduce the need for any chemical treatments such as weed sprays, fungicides and insecticides, and a healthy lawn which is watered properly will have a deeper root system which needs far less water.

A Healthy Lawn Is Not A Manicured Lawn

Let’s make it clear, when we speak of a strong healthy lawn, we are not talking about a high maintenance manicured lawn – which is in opposition to the principles of Organic Lawn Care.

What Is a Strong Healthy Lawn?

A healthy lawn is one which has a longer mowing height, is watered infrequently and properly (i.e. deeply), receives a good year-round balanced diet of organic and, sometimes, non-organic fertilisers. It also is mown only when required and has good quality lawn soil which is free-flowing.

A healthy organic lawn should naturally have a nice green colour for most of the year, but may brown-off a little at times of stress, such as drought conditions, higher temperatures, or in Winter – which is ok!

So remember, the key to maintaining an organic lawn, which is environmentally responsible, is to aim for the best lawn health possible.

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