Turf Suppliers Warwick

Looking for a turf supplier that delivers to Warwick and surrounding areas? myhomeTURF has a network of turf suppliers who will deliver direct to your door. Many also offer additional services such as preparation, delivery and installation.

Select from one of our local Warwick turf suppliers for advice, pricing and quotes. Or click on "Get 3 Quotes Now" button and let us choose 3 suppliers to provide you with a quote.

Best turf types for Warwick climate

Varieties available in Warwick

Any lawn variety you choose for Warwick and surrounding areas must be able to cope with a warm temperate climate. The regions experiences, hot dry days, cold nights and significant rainfall throughout the year with the most rainfall occurring in December.

There are many great varieties of turf that suit the Warwick region that can be purchased direct from our suppliers to your door.

Kenda Kikuyu® is a hard wearing Kikuyu variety that withstands the rough and tumble from pets and kids and retains a good winter colour.

If you’re looking for a Buffalo grass that can handle colder temperatures, we suggest Palmetto® Buffalo. This grass requires less watering and maintenance compared to other Buffalo varieties.

Zoysia turf types like Empire Zoysia™ and Nara Native Zoysia™are very high drought tolerant varieties that may also be suitable.

Factors to consider when choosing a lawn type

There are many variables that make your lawn unique. How do you choose the right one for your home? Below are some questions to consider when choosing a new Warwick Lawn.