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myhomeTURF has a wide network of turf suppliers in and around Gold Coast and South East Queensland. Suitable for both residential and large-scale projects, our network of turf growers ensures fresh-cut turf from the farm, delivered to your door. 

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myhomeTURF takes the hard work out of turf supply by arranging three competitive quotes from our Gold Coast suppliers. Our network also extends into other South East Queensland regions, including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Toowoomba, and Townsville. We ensure premium turf varieties and an experienced team to guide and recommend the best turf suppliers for you.  

With an emphasis on client care and satisfaction, our turf suppliers work with clients to ensure quality assurance to source and provide the best turf variety to suit the application and withstand Gold Coast’s sub-tropical climate. Our network of growers take pride in ensuring a smooth process from start to finish, including easy delivery and installation, quality assurance, and post-lawn care.  


Best Turf Types for the Gold Coast

With Gold Coast’s sub-tropical climate varying from humid and sometimes wet summers to mild and dry winters, we encourage lawn varieties that perform well in warmer climates with dry or humid heat.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Lawn

Kikuyu vs. Buffalo Lawn  

Kikuyu turf thrives in full sun and is well suited for South East Queensland conditions. It’s also well known for its high wear tolerance, strong drought tolerance, and its ability to keep a luscious winter colour with its fine, dense leaf and soft texture.  

Buffalo grass, on the other hand, is a naturally versatile lawn and very hard-wearing while holding a beautiful deep green aesthetic. Its deep root system means it can stay greener for longer and easily source moisture from the ground, making it a great drought tolerant choice for Gold Coast conditions.  

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Couch vs. Buffalo Lawn 

Both Couch grass and Buffalo grass are popular Australian lawn varieties due to their versatility and spectacular green colour.  

Couch grass is well suited for warm climates and is a good choice for family backyards due to its year-round soft texture, high wear tolerance, fast recovery, and great drought tolerance. Couch grass does require regular mowing and bi-annual fertilising to ensure it keeps in good condition.  

For those who need a high shade tolerance, Buffalo grass requires as little as 3-4 hours of sunlight each day. Sapphire® Buffalo is drought tolerant, highly durable, and features a folding leaf with a soft texture.  

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Zoysia grass vs. Buffalo Lawn  

While Zoysia grass works well within humid climates and is known to be extremely water efficient, great for those in need of a low maintenance lawn. EmpireZoysia grass has a high drought tolerance, high wear tolerance, and a moderate shade tolerance, making it suitable for hot, humid summers and family backyards all-year round.  

Palmetto® Buffalo is a highly popular Buffalo turf type due to its low maintenance, high wear tolerance, and dense growth. This means less watering, children and pet activity friendly while keeping common weed invasions at bay. Perfect for lawns with high traffic, lots of sun and where low maintenance is a must.  

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Eureka Kikuyu vs. Kenda Kikuyu 

Kikuyu grass is an easy choice for those living in hot conditions in need of a high wear tolerance and fast recovery if damaged.  

Eureka Kikuyu is an affordable option and is great for commercial applications due to its high tolerance for waterlogging while being highly resistant against diseases.  

Kenda® Kikuyu, on the other hand, holds a strong green colour all year round and is less likely to produce pollen, making it a viable option for those with allergies. It thrives in sunny conditions and copes well under drought conditions and is popular during periods of water restrictions.  

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Prestige Buffalo vs. Sir Walter Buffalo 

Prestige® Buffalo grass is the world’s most popular grass types and is faster to establish after laying, making it a cost effective (and water efficient) option in comparison to Sir Walter. Prestige Buffalo can also handle heavily shaded areas and is able to thrive in as little as two hours of sun a day.  

On the other hand, Sir Walter Buffalo can survive in drought-like conditions, though its recovery time lasts a little longer than Prestige Buffalo. 

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Turf Advice

How Much Does Turf Cost Per Square Metre?  

Different turf varieties vary in price and depend on their characteristics. Kenda Kikuyu is generally $7-$15 per square metre and is considered one of the most cost effective turf types. Whereas an all-rounder turf type like Palmetto Buffalo is around $10-$19 per square metre. Hard-wearing Couch grass like Stadium® Couch can cost around $8-$10 per square metre.  

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How Do You Prepare Turf for Laying?  

How you prepare turf can differ depending on the season and weather conditions. 

 If you’re laying turf in hot weather, we recommend laying turf immediately after delivery to avoid the turf heating up and drying out overnight. We also recommend laying warm turf first (often slabs in the middle of the pallet are the warmest).  

For those laying turf in winter, be mindful of your climate and frost conditions – these will affect your lawn installation. Ensure your site is weed-free and cut/roll existing grass for removal. You may also want to cover it with coarse sand and a layer of fertiliser or topsoil.  

myhomeTURF’s network of local turf suppliers and growers are highly experienced in turf site inspection, site preparation, and installation. We recommend reaching out to one of our professional turf suppliers for assistance when preparing turf for laying.  

How Thick is Turf When You Buy It?  

The thickness of your turf will depend on the season and conditions at the time of harvesting and usually 35-40mm. If you have any queries about turf delivery, please reach out to your local turf supplier for more information.