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Key Features

Looking for an attractive, premium lawn that suits any environment … then Augusta Zoysia Lawn is likely to be the perfect choice.

Augusta Zoysia Lawn has just arrived and has quickly become one of the most adaptable solid performing lawns on the market offering exceptional drought and shade tolerance. This user-friendly, deep green coloured grass creates a compact smart looking lawn that suits any environment – from residential, parklands & sporting fields.

Augusta is recognised for its high shade tolerance and is ideal for those wanting a low maintenance lawn that requires less mowing, fertilising and watering. Augusta’s deep root system also means it is an efficient water user and exceptionally suitable for drought prone regions and an ideal choice for areas with low rainfall or council water restrictions. Augusta prides itself on having higher disease and insect resistance compared to many other warm season grasses.

Augusta Zoysia is now available in south-east Queensland and Sydney.

Ensure You’re Buying Genuine

myhomeTURF’s Certificate of Authenticity provides you with the confidence and satisfaction that you have bought the genuine variety from our licenced farmers. Don’t forget to ask for your own certificate when you have purchased your new lawn – and enjoy!

If you want to learn more about Augusta Zoysia’s key features, planting time and maintenance requirements, head over to our Augusta Zoysia Turf Review.


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