Lawn care after heavy rains

Lawn care after heavy rains

Heavy rains falling on your lawn during a long dry summer offers an ideal opportunity to revive and get your lawn back into shape.

Your lawn may be brown now but because of the heavy downpour it will quickly spring back. 

The trick is to know just what to do and act fast to take advantage of the rain that has seeped through into your dry lawn.


Soak your lawn with a Wetting Agent

Investing in a Wetting Agent will ensure that your lawn soaks-up all the rainfall it receives.

So, put your gumboots on and use a Wetting Agent to improve water saturation into your lawn.

During drought and water restrictions it is important to make the most out of every drop and Wetting Agents can increase water absorption by 50 per cent.

As a result, the Wetting Agent allows your lawn to hold water for longer periods of time.

Weed control

Following heavy summer rains weeds can be one of the first plants to spring back to life in your lawn.

The recommendation is to use a pre-emergent herbicide once the rain has stopped and quickly control any weed infestation.

Your local garden centre will know which pre-emergent to use on a particular grass variety.

Also, check-out myhomeTURF’s Guide to 10 of the most common lawn weeds.

Get fertilising

Fertilising during the summer – or dry periods – following heavy rain offers a much need infiltration of nutrients that will help your lawn thrive.

The advice is to use a fertiliser in combination with a pre-emergent herbicide and complete two jobs at the one time while saving money – ask your local garden centre for advice.

Want to learn more about fertilising your lawn? For more advice visit Fertiliser Tips

Wait and aerate

Your lawn can benefit from aeration after it has been flooded.

However, before aerating, wait a couple of days for your lawn to dry out to prevent compaction.

You can aerate your lawn either manually, with a garden fork, or with a power aerator which can be hired from your local garden centre.

Want to learn more about aerating  your lawn?  See our article – Aeration Tips


Dethatch Kikuyu or Couch lawns following heavy rains, this makes the addition of a Wetting Agent and pre-emergent herbicide and fertiliser more effective.

Learn more here – Detatching How-To


Do not be tempted to mow your grass when it is wet as this may encourage disease.

Wait until the water has soaked into the soil and your grass has completely dried-out.

Remember to leave your lawn height higher in summer.

For more Summer Care Tips – 5 Easy steps for preparing your lawn for summer








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