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Fertilising with myhomeTURF products is one of the best ways to prepare your lawn for every season as it makes it strong, healthy, green and ready for any conditions that lie ahead. Knowing if your soil is lacking in any nutrients (N, P, K) is also very important and helps you select a suitable lawn fertiliser. Our lawn fertilisers are suitable for Buffalo, Couch, Zoysia and Kikuyu grasses and we recommend you apply them 3 -4 times a year.

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Slow Release, Liquid, Granular and Organic Fertilisers

Slow Release Granular Fertilisers release a small, steady amount of nutrients over time and can be natural or organic fertiliser. They can be dry fertilisers that are made into pellet form, often blended to get the desired ratio of nutrients (N, P, K) needed for your lawn. Using a slow release fertiliser on your lawn once, for example during autumn before the ground becomes too cold, means your lawn will cope through a tough, cold winter. It is important not to use cheap slow release lawn fertilisers as these products tend to initially release a lot of nutrients that dwindle-off quickly with nutrient delivery, resulting in an initial surge in growth which isn’t maintained.

Liquid fertilisers have the advantage of being able to be applied to both the ground or to the lawn foliage itself and are ideal for large lawns. The benefit of liquid fertilisers is that they are applied to the plants allowing them to absorb the fertiliser through the leaves and have the nutrients more readily available for immediate use.  Liquid application can allow you to make mid-season corrections to add vital nutrients to your lawn if it didn’t get the correct mixture at the beginning of the season and your lawn needs a boost.

A ‘true’ organic lawn fertiliser is one that has been certified as 100% organic – so be sure to have that guaranteed on the label when purchasing. The simplest way to check that it is 100% organic is by looking for the Australian Organic Certified logo on the bottle or pack. A recommended organic lawn fertiliser is a blend of both a natural (organic) and synthetic (manufactured) fertiliser. The use of organic lawn food and soil improver combines the features of both a slow release fertiliser as well as natural ingredients such as seaweed, fish, manure and bio-stimulants.

Lawn Fertilisers Suitable for Buffalo, Couch, Zoysia and Kikuyu

myhomeTURF’s Slow Release Granular, Liquid and Organic fertilisers are some of the most suitable premium lawn care products online that are ideal for Buffalo, Couch, Zoysia and Kikuyu grasses. myhomeTURF highly recommends first referring to the fertiliser’s label to ensure it is suitable for your type of grass.

Unsure what Lawn Fertiliser you need?

myhomeTURF highly recommends understanding your soil quality by using a soil pH kit. The results will enable you to choose the right fertiliser for your lawn according to the nutrients (N, P, K) it requires. Each lawn fertiliser comes with three macro-nutrients, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Depending on the type of lawn and soil quality, it will require a fertiliser that has a certain blend of these three nutrients to thrive. Always refer to the label for guidance and if you are unsure what fertiliser is right for you read myhomeTURF’s Concise Lawn Fertiliser Guide.