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myhomeTURF’s Lawn Insecticide provides superior, seasonal long grub and caterpillar control with a single application. Our range of Lawn Insecticides are safe to use and protect your lawn against key insect pests giving your the peace of mind that you are looking after yourself and those who enjoy your lawn.

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Liquid, Granular and Spray Lawn Insecticides

myhomeTURF’s Lawn Insecticide suite consists of liquid, granular and spray formulations that control a wide range of insect pests including African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs and several species of caterpillars including Cutworm, Sod Webworm and Lawn Armyworm.

myhomeTURF’s Lawn Insecticides work by either killing the eggs or larvae of pests and insects.

Lawn Insecticides Suitable for Buffalo, Couch, Zoysia and Kikuyu turf

myhomeTURF has a premium selection of Lawn Insecticides suited for your lawn, whether it be Buffalo, Couch, Zoysia and Kikuyu grasses. Always be sure to read the label before applying to your lawn and use PPE gear when applying.

To ensure you are applying the most suitable myhomeTURF Lawn Insecticide be sure to first properly identify your lawn pest.

In most cases, it is best to apply your myhomeTURF Lawn Insecticide late in the afternoon or early evening. Do not mow or water for about 3 days after application if using a liquid Lawn Insecticide. If you are using a granule Lawn Insecticide you will need to water it in so it is absorbed down to the roots and soil.

The frequency of use of your myhomeTURF Lawn Insecticide will depend on the type of pest you are killing – always read the label for further instructions.

Unsure What Lawn Insecticide you need?

myhomeTURF highly recommends using a Lawn Insecticide at least once a year to keep seasonal grubs and caterpillars under control.

Want more information, then read myhomeTURF’s guide on the most Common Lawn Pests.