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LawnPride Premium Pack

Price $131.67 $154.52

LawnPride’s Starter Premium Pack is a value-added kit that offers everything you need to maintain a healthy lawn year-round. It includes:

  • LawnPride Hydramax 2L Hose-On, for excellent water retention and penetration.
  • LawnPride GreenXtra 2L Hose On, a liquid fertiliser that provides extra lawn green-up without excessive growth.
  • Bow & Arrow Herbicide, the standard herbicide for broadleaf weed control.
  • LawnPride TurfMaxx, an economical well-balanced lawn fertiliser.

The Starter Premium Pack is suitable for use on Zoysia, Kikuyu, Couch and Buffalo grasses.

Please adhere to wearing appropriate PPE gear when applying any of the products in the LawnPride Starter Premium Pack.

*Please note all prices include GST.

*As with all lawn products please read the labels on the products in LawnPride’s Starter Premium Pack first before applying.


Everything you need to get started on a cracking lawn. 

Pack includes: 

  • LawnPride Hydramax 2L hose on for excellent water retention and penetration
  • LawnPride GreenXtra 2L hose on, a liquid fertiliser that provides Xtra turf green up without excessive growth
  • Bow & Arrow Herbicide, the standard for broadleaf weed control in the Australian turf industry
  • LawnPride TurfMaxx, an economical well-balanced turfgrass fertiliser

*Products can be used on all common types of turfgrass

Weight 11 kg