LawnPride Lawn Grub Pack – TREAT – RECOVER – PROTECT

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LawnPride Lawn Grub Pack – TREAT – RECOVER – PROTECT

Acelepryn GR is backed up by Groturf to aid turf recovery, and Hydramaxx G to improve water infiltration and moisture retention. Stop lawn chewing pests in their tracks for up to 6 months with Acelepryn GR and instantly combat active lawn pests with Rumbler. – This pack is designed to TREAT active lawn pests, help RECOVER from pest damage, and PROTECT from future attacks! 

Pack includes: 1 x Groturf 8kg, 1 x Acelepryn GR 4kg, 1 x Hydramaxx G 4kg, 1 x Rumbler 1L 

LawnPride Groturf 8kg – Boost your lawn’s overall health and colour quickly. Aid recovery from damage or renovations with LawnPride Groturf – 8kg bucket of LawnPride Groturf can cover up to 400sqm.

LawnPride Acelepryn Grub Killer Granular 4kg – Insure your lawn! Protect your investment for up to 6 months. LawnPride Acelepryn Grub Killer Granular insecticide provides unmatched, season-long grub and caterpillar control in a single application. A 4kg bucket of LawnPride Acelepryn Grub Killer Granular can treat up to 260sqm.

LawnPride Hydramaxx G 4kg – New granular formulation – a professional long-term soil moisture retention aid. This unique product also contains the soil amendment Zeolite that assists to overcome not only water-repellent soil but also improves infiltration as well as moisture retention. 4kg bag of LawnPride Hydramaxx G can cover up to 200sqm.

Rumbler 1L – A contact kill, for fast eradication of turf grass pests. For the control of Armyworm, Sod Webworm, Billbug, and African Black Beetle in all turf situations. 1L Rumbler can treat up to 2,270sqm. 

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