LawnPride Descend 125mL

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LawnPride Descend 125mL

Descend 125mL is one of the latest soil conditioning products to hit the lawn care market. It’s unique and exclusive formula of organic acids reduces pH levels in alkaline soil while increasing nutrient uptake to improve the overall soil health. Descend contains the following nutrients 5% Nitrogen (N), 7% Calcium (Ca),  0.5% Iron (Fe) and 25% Organic Acids.

Descend 125mL is suitable for Buffalo, Zoysia, Couch and Kikuyu grasses at an applicate rate, with a sprayer, of 60mL with 5L of clean water per 100m2. A 125mL bottle treats 200 m2 in total.

Overall, Descend assists treating damaged alkaline soils by reducing bicarbonate levels and unlocking insoluble deposits.

For best usage, apply Descend once a week over a 3-week period and then continue monthly. Most importantly, conduct a soil test after 12-months to assess whether further application is required.

Following application of Descend 125mL, available calcium assists the removal of unwanted salts in the soil profile, in particular sodium. To further assist in this process, Descend also includes calcium. The overall results of applying Descend are improved soil quality and an increase in available calcium, phosphorus, and trace elements.


Descend 125mL …

  • Reduces pH
  • Reduces bicarbonate levels
  • Solubilise locked-up nutrients in the soil profile
  • Improves nutrient uptake in soil
  • Reduces sodium
  • Contains no chlorides


  • Descend will stain concrete, masonry, and other hard surfaces. Apply with caution around these surfaces.
  • Avoid overspray on any other objects where colour is not desired.
  • Permanent staining may occur.
  • Accidental overspray may be removed by a water rinse prior to drying.

Please adhere to wearing appropriate PPE gear when applying Descend 125mL.

As with all lawn products please read the label on Descend 125mL first before applying.

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