LawnPride Summer Bundle

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Summer Bundle

A LawnPride Summer bundle to help your lawn stay healthy through the warmer months.

Pack Includes:

LawnPride Maintain 26-1-9 + Iron 20Kg – A balanced all round lawn fertiliser with high 70% slow release nitrogen, providing effective green up of turfgrass and extended feeding without excessive flushes of growth.

Application Rate: 2kg/100sqm.

HydraMaxx Hose On – Designed for use where watering-in is restricted. Provides excellent penetration, outstanding retention and improved uniformity.

Application Rate: Treats 150sqm

Kelp-ER Hose On

Kelp-ER increases resistance to pests, frost and disease, promotes natural healthy growth, stimulates root development and releases locked up nutrients. It contains a host of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, natural growth hormones, Cytokins, Betaines and Auxins in natural form.

Application Rate: Treats 200sqm


Weight 25 kg