Advanced Lawn Supplies is one of the most trusted turf farms located in Freemans Reach near Windsor, that supplies turf across all of the Sydney region.
The proudly owned family-operated business has more than 20 years in the turf industry, with their experience second to none. That said, the family has been in the farming industry for three generations and continues to strive to cultivate the best quality turf and lawn for all of their customers.
Advanced Lawn Supplies supply many turf varieties but one of the most popular on the Sydney Market is Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo, an Australian bred fine leaf textured turf with very high shade tolerance, unbeatable softness and qualities that suit a tough climate and wear and tear.
At Advanced Lawn Supplies we pride ourselves on giving good advice to our customers when choosing their lawn so they get the best results. Our friendly team is always available to give first-hand lawn preparation advice so the finally result will be the envy of your street.

Turf Varieties

Advanced Lawn Supplies can supply the following Turf Varieties:

* disclaimer, all prices are subject to change.

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