TruGyp 22.7kg

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TruGyp 22.7kg is a new generation soil amendment consisting of granular calcium sulphate. The product has outstanding granule quality allowing for ease of application and rapid dispersion. TruGyp 22.7kg is suitable for use on Zoysia, Kikuyu, Couch and Buffalo grasses.

The recommended application rate for TruGyp 22.7kg is 5kg/100sqm.

Please adhere to wearing appropriate PPE gear when applying TruGyp 22.7kg.

*Please note all prices include GST.

*As with all lawn products please read the label on Indigo TruGyp 22.7kg first before applying.



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A new generation of granular calcium sulphate with outstanding granule quality for ease of application and rapid dispersion.

Application Rate: 5kg/100sqm

*Please note all prices now include GST

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